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Английские поздравления с днем рождения

15 октября 2013 г.

Английские поздравления с днем рождения

When someone is as nice as you it’s natural, you know,

For friends to often think of you and want to tell you so

That’s why this special greeting has come your way to say

That many warm and cheerful thoughts are there with you today

I wish for you to have a very happy birthday.

Thinking of you and hoping your birthday is a really great day – the way it ought to be for someone as special as you!

Английские поздравления с днем рождения

Happy Birthday Sis!

Your the kinda person they would call ONE IN A MILLION.

Your always there especially when I need you most.

You never let me down,

and I know you never will.

We have been through alot and always strong even at our weakest times you always had those comforting words to tell me to assure me it was going to be alright and now that I have you,


Happy Birthday Sis


Поздравления с днем рождения на английском языке (english)

Dear (Name)!

Happy Birthday! Keep being natural, beautiful, passionate, light. You are excellent women with bright individuality, sincerity and huge charm. Let all your undertakings succeed and your confidence never leaves you.

Joy and health to you and your nearest and dearest. And also love and happiness. Ukraine (country) gives birth to unique people - beautiful and strong. It's because of you I like this place on the globe.

Дорогая (Name)!

Поздравляю тебя с Днем Рождения! Оставайся такой же естественной, красивой, страстной, легкой. Ты отличная женщина, обладающая яркой индивидуальностью, искренностью и огромным обаянием. Желаю, чтобы все твои начинания удались, вера в себя и свои силы никогда бы не покидала.

Радости, здоровья тебе и твоим близким, Любви и счастья. Украина (counrty) рождает неповторимых людей - прекрасных сильных. Благодаря тебе, люблю это место на нашем земном шарике.

Поздравления с днем рождения учителю английского языка

Поздравление учителям от Медведева

Благодарность учителю - стихи

Песня: Мудрый наш учитель

Поздравление с Днем Рождения от Гены Крокодила', 'Скрыть')">Видео: Поздравление с Днем Рождения от Гены Крокодила

Песня: В благодарность за урок!

Песня: Поздравление первой учительнице

Учитель! Мы Вам благодарны - стихи

Как бы мы изучили английский язык

Без Вас, давшей нам эти знания?

Теперь мы его знаем и напрямик

Хотим выразить наше признание!

Мы Вас поздравляем сердечно за то,

Что теперь мы английский знаем!

Вы дали нам знания, мудрость и вот -

С днем рождения Вас поздравляем!


В языковую среду

На урок я к Вам приду.

Мне английский очень важен -

Вдруг туда я попаду?!

Знаю точно, что меня

Вы научите, любя,

Всем неправильным глаголам.

Выучу английский я.

Буду я в английском асом,

Буду самым лучшим в классе!

И на улицах я спикать

По-английски стану басом.

Вы ведь лучший педагог!

Поздравляю с днем рожденья!


Желаем англичанке

Всегда счастливой быть

И на урок свой каждый

С улыбкой приходить!

We wish to our teacher

To shine bright like the sun,

To be from all the richies

On soul - the richest one!


Поздравления с днем учителя

Английские поздравления с днем рождения

День рождения – самый яркий праздник для любого человека, который всегда ждут с нетерпением, по-детски ожидая чуда и свершения всех-всех желаний. Даже взрослые люди, которые уже давно перешагнули не только детский, но и юношеский возраст, в свой день рождения снова превращаются в восторженных ребят. В этот день стараются собрать за праздничным столом всех дорогих сердцу людей – семью, родственников, друзей. И, конечно же, ждут множества подарков и поздравлений. Выбрать английские поздравления с днем рождения можно из множества вариантов. Те, кто в совершенстве знает язык, могут составить прозовое или стихотворное поздравление самостоятельно, но в таком случае нужно следить, чтобы лексика не была очень трудной и именинник смог хотя бы примерно разобрать, что же ему желают. Довольно часто для поздравления используют строки из известных песен, которые отличаются использованием простой лексики и общедоступных слов.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Today is your special day,

So dance the night away.

Party hard till you can no longer feel

Your feet on top of those party heels.

Today is your special day

So party the night away

Drink up till you can no longer stand

And rock the night just like you planned.

Today is your special day

So drink your night away

Sing till you can no longer speak

And your body begins to feel weak

Today is your special day

Lets go crazy with a trip to USA

Visit Vegas and rock the town

Making sure everybody knows that we're around.

Today is your special day

So I hope everything goes your way

You're one of my closest friend

And I'm with you until the very end.

Today is your special day

And there are a few things I want to say

You're crazy, you're stupid, you're psycho

But you know how to have fun, despite being slow.

You're confusing as hell and never

Do you make any sense, however

That's why you're the special person you are

And in this life i hope you will go far.

Today is your special day

There's just one last thing that I need to say

Happy, happy birthday my darling child

Don't forget tonight is the night to go wild!


I first learned to smile

because you shared your happiness

I first learned to listen

because you taught humble patience

I first learned to love

because you always loved me

I first learned to be a friend

because you were one to me.

You have a date to celebrate

Which comes but once a year

And so today we’d like to say

From all of us to you:

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!

In soft gleaming night of stars,

May all your dreams come true.

May every star of every night,

Bring love and joy to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

The day we plan to meet

Will come soon

We shall talk our needs

and see the lovely moon

The words I say

Will be my action forever

I hope you will also say

For us to be friends as ever

Since the day we meet, I promise

Shall always cherish our friendship

Not a single day I shall miss

To be with you in the relationship

Till the day I close my eye

You shall never cry

Coz you met a guy

Who never ever lie

Whatever you are

I don't care

For what I know

You are my lovely snow

I need you everyday

I need you every minute

Is there anything for you to say

Quickly tell me ina minute

Through the dawn of day 'till the end

my thoughts of you will never depart,

I'll pray for you to descend,

pray for you my dearest friend.

(Fence to fence, aligned, your bed...)

With flowers given, birthday greetings,

and cards written, tears will begin to shed -

caressing the ground, incomplete

I'll pray for time to rewind and not repeat.

For you, Elisabetta,

a birthday present

which I'll deliver,


(Soul to soul, embraced, our love...)

Holding on close, I cleared my throat,

looked to the bold blue skies above

grasping what I had wrote

on the note:

For you, Elisabetta,

a birthday present

which I'll deliver


Holding and smiling on, because...

there is so much to love.

For you, Elisabetta,

a birthday present

which I'll deliver


How do I begin to tell you how honoured I am

To have you in my life?

I'll start by saying it was a dream come true

The day I became your wife.

You're my best friend in the good times

And my rock in times of sorrow.

You're the reason for sweet yesterdays

And my promise for tomorrow.

I never thought I could feel this loved

Until I became your wife.

You made this year and each other year

The best of my life.

Love always,

Your son and wife!

Happy birthday, Mother

For showering us with love & care

Though we may be such a bother

For us, you are still there

You taught us simple good manners

You made us achieve our dreams

But the most important thing of all

Was knowing you were there

When we're scared you calmed our fears

When we're sad you wiped our tears

When we're bored you made us smile

Making every moment with you worthwhile

So on this very special day

We'll shower you with care

Because no matter what you say

A mother like you is ever so rare!

It's knowing you're

"somebody special" today

And waiting to see

what the hours bring your way,

Forgetting the things

that you don't like to do

And doing the things

that seem pleasant to you?

It's enjoying those

marvellous little surprises

That come from all over,

in all shapes and sizes -

a phone call or letter

that brings you delight,

warm wishes and greetings

from morning till night -

It's making a wish

as you blow candles out

And having so much

to be happy about

That you can't help but dream,

as the hours slip away,

Of many more happy

returns of the day.

Sometimes, as a parent,

We can get so caught up in parenting

That we forget to say,

"How special you are to me

And how much I love you."

So, today on your birthday

I want to tell you

All you mean to me.

When you were born,

I was so happy and proud of you.

There you were, so helpless

And yet so lovable.

As the years went by

No matter how many times I've said I love you

It is never often enough

And doesn't even begin to say

All of what you mean to me.

Sweetheart, I always only want the best for you.

So, honey,

Whenever and whatever is your need

You can count on and depend on me

To be there no matter what.

In the meantime,

Happy birthday, my precious one.

Let's celebrate you.

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Поздравления с днем рождения на английском языке с переводом

Поздравления с днем рождения на английском языке с переводом

Let’s celebrate your birthday, honey,

And let this day be bright and sunny,

I want to wish you greatest thing,

Get, what you want – just anything!

Amazing life will be your way,

Forever, not only today.

And let all your troubles disappear,

And all your friends be always near!


Отметим день рождения твой

В день этот солнечный такой,

Я наилучшего желаю -

Чтоб все, что хочешь, обретая,

Чудесной жизни строил путь,

Всегда, сегодня, не забудь –

Пускай проблемы исчезают,

Друзья тебя не оставляют!

Автор: Солдатова Мария

Every year that goes

Brings to you the sun and snow!

But I love you year by year

And I wish you joy, because it's clear –

You're beautiful as Eurydice,

Charming and unique!

Happy birthday to you in this day!

Be perfect in every way!


Каждый год, что уходит,

Тебе дарит солнце и снег!

Но люблю я тебя год от года

И желаю радости, ведь ясно –

Ты прекрасна как Эвридика,

Очаровательна и уникальна!

С днем рождения тебя в этот день!

Будь совершенна во всех отношениях!

Автор: Елена Тихонова

It's another year!

I congratulate you, dear!

What a beautiful day!

It will light the way!

You'll find adventure ahead!

Let everything be sweet!

It's your birthday!

This is your best day!


Прошел еще один год!

Я поздравляю тебя, дорогой!

Как прекрасен этот день!

Пусть он освещает тебе твой путь!

Впереди тебя ждет много приключений!

Пусть все будет сладко!

Это твой день рождения!

Это лучший день!

Автор: Сердариди Ольга

I tried on my congratulation:

I came having so many words,

I wanted to tell them with passion

But failed… I’m so shied! My heart hurts!

But is it a reason to miss it –

Your birthday, so happy and nice?

So I’ve came! I have made this visit!

Be healthy, and wealthy, and wise!


Готовился я необычно:

Красивых словес подобрал,

Чтоб с блеском исполнить их нынче;

И вдруг приключился аврал –

Забылось всё! Но не виляя,

Не портя твое торжество,

Я кратко скажу: поздравляю!

И кратко желаю: всего!

Автор: Алексей Резников

I congratulate you on your birthday!

A lot of people can with me say

that you are a very nice a great friend

who is always ready to understand!

I wish you, too, such a faithful as you friend.

I wish to love stories have a happy end!

I wish to healthy and cheerful was your child

And to you this year fate smiled!


С Днем Рождения тебя поздравляю!

Согласятся со мною, я знаю,

Можем другом тебя мы назвать,

Что готов нас всегда понимать.

И тебе я желаю друзей,

И в любви чтоб не знал ты потерь,

Чтоб ребенок здоров был и счастлив,

И судьба проявила участье!

Автор: Наталья Сухомлин

Happy birthday to you.

Sweetheart, I love you.

I wish you luck.

I wish you good luck.

Let your dream come true.

Worthy of you.


С днем рождения тебя.

Милая, я тебя люблю.

Желаю тебе счастья.

Желаю тебе удачи.

Пусть сбудется твоя мечта.

Достойна этого ты.

Автор: Наталья Ляшенко

Отправить поздравление с Днём Рождения на мобильный

Будь и дальше красивой такой!

Вот год прошел, а ты всё так же хорошеешь!

Поздравление с ДР от Путина!

Поздравления с днем рождения на английском

Поздравить С Днем Рождения на английском языке своих близких может оказаться весьма непосильной задачей. И справятся с ней лишь те, кто в совершенстве знает английский язык, и могут самостоятельно составить стихотворное или прозовое поздравление с днем рождения. А что же делать людям, которые не так хорошо владеют английским языком? Использовать уже готовые поздравления, которые мы опубликовали специально для вас.

Поздравления с днем рождения на английском

Birthday greetings

May the happiest day of the year bring you what you care for the most. May the most joyous day in the year bring you unlimited hope. May the most fun day in the year convert your foes into friends. I bet no one has given you as wonderful a Birthday wish as this one. Happy Birthday! May you have many happy years to come.

May every path be smooth for you,

May every corner bring you happy surprises,

May every day put a smile on your face,

May every friend bring you price and joy,

May you get whatever you always wished for,

And may you never forget ME!

I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

On your birthday today, most people will wish that you earn lots of money, but I wish you wealth. Most people will wish you fun times but I wish you healthy times. Most people will wish you delight but I wish you pure joy. Most people will wish you many friends, but I wish that we always stay together. Happy Birthday!

If a feather from the skies falls in your lap, pick it up and tickle your face with it. I asked an Angel to send you a Happy Birthday wish. Have a great year ahead!

Only special people receive birthday messages from me. And you have always been that special one. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

If friends are all about helping you do the right thing, then I urge you that the right thing to do now is to party the night away! Let's paint the town red. Happy Birthday.

I wouldn't mind showing you every single day of my life how much I love you, care for you, trust you and need you. But that would take too much time. So here I am on your special say telling you all these things in one single breath. Happy Birthday. Have a smashin', rockin', blastin', super year ahead.

Today I'm happy for a reason

For you, today is the beginning of a new season

Today, I want to show you that I care

With lots of happiness, wishes and love to share

With pride, joy and utmost delight I say

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday!

If I was there with you this morning I would have stacked your bedside with fluffy teddy bears, lots of cookies, goodies in a Santa sock and lots of confetti. But since I wasn't there I'm giving you two full bags of love instead. Happy Birthday!

The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. If you manage to achieve this combination, call me! Haha. We wish you a very Happy Birthday.

A cheery, fun, spontaneous and a happy person like you can never have a dull day in life. So wear your birthday hat, blow the candles, plunk your face in the cake and enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday!

Unexpected showers? Braking clouds? A rainbow from nowhere? A sudden change in the weather? Don't worry, this is God's way of wishing you a thunderous Happy Birthday.

Ask for anything under a hundred dollars and I shall give it to you today. Because today is your birthday silly! Why else would I suddenly become so generous? Haha. Happy Birthday!

When you shut your eyes at night today, think of all the joys and sorrows you had last year. Delete the sorrows and copy paste your joys for the future. Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you!

Every ray of the sun touching your face today signifies something important. A ray of luck, a ray of hope, a ray of courage and a ray of love. May your year ahead be lit with thousands of such rays. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Don't be surprised if you wake up with a twinkle in your eyes, an aroma in your bedroom, a smile on your lips and a happy thought in your head. That happens to everyone on their Birthday when they've been good throughout the year. Wish you a very Happy Birthday and a joyous ahead.

You're going to have a fun day

That's what they all say

Hoping that the year ahead

Keeps all your sorrows at bay

We wish you a Happy Birthday!

Am I the first one to wish you Happy Birthday today? NO? The second one? No? The third one? No? Doesn't matter, in my mind I was the first one who thought of you at midnight on your special day. Happy Birthday!

With every passing year, your jokes are becoming funnier, your poems more meaningful and your gestures more graceful. Could I ask for anything more? Happy Birthday!

Who said you can't fall sick on your birthday? With too much cake, too much drink, too much fun, too much love and too much noise, it's great to fall sick. Wish you a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead.

Today is the day of celebrating the life of a person who gives more than what they get, who loves more than how much they are loved and who gives better parties than most other people! Happy Birthday! Have a roller coaster year ahead.

Do you want lesser candles on more cake or more candles or lesser cake? Both will look lovely. Haha! Have a great Birthday this year!

Your Birthday might come once every year but this very day is going to come only once in a lifetime. You don't know whether the people who are with you today will be in your birthday party next year or not. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!

How do you wish someone a Happy Birthday when they're not in front of you? Should they send you flowers at your door or give you a surprise party? For me, waking up in the morning and thinking about you is the best way to wish you a Happy Birthday. Cheers!

Английские поздравления с днем рождения

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Выбрать поздравления с днем рождения – не такая простая задача, как это может показаться на первый взгляд. Слова имеют огромное значение и обратно их вернуть уже нельзя, поэтому, сказав что-то, не подумав, можно испортить весь праздник имениннику и оставить в его душе вместо приятных воспоминаний лишь чувство досады и горечи. Сегодня поздравления с днем рождения очень разнообразны – это могут быть и стихи, проза, шуточные поздравления, стихи или просто пожелания на иностранном языке и т. д. Главное – правильно подобрать слова, которые бы соответствовали случаю и принесли много радости имениннику. Большой популярностью пользуются английские поздравления с днем рождения – сегодня этот язык знают практически все, поэтому трудностей с переводом возникнуть не должно.

Английские поздравления с днем рождения

Какого бы возраста не был человек, он всегда ждёт дня рождения с нетерпением. Почему? Да потому что мы с детства привыкли, что именно в этот день исполняются все наши желания и сбываются мечты. Даже взрослые люди, чей возраст насчитывает ни один десяток лет, в день рождения превращаются в маленьких восторженных детей.

Они стараются собрать за общим столом всех близких и любимых людей – детей, родителей, братьев и сестёр, старых друзей. И с нетерпением ждут подарков и поздравлений. Выбрать хорошее поздравление не так просто, как кажется на первый взгляд. Каждое слово имеет своё значение и свою энергетику, слова нельзя вернуть, если вы вдруг поняли, что сказали что-то невпопад.

Неудачное поздравление способно испортить весь вечер, оставив в душе гостей и именинника чувство разочарования. Сейчас можно найти поздравления на любой вкус - задорные, шуточные, в виде стихов или песен и даже оригинальные английские поздравления с днём рождения. Пожелания на иностранном языке способны удивить именинника и надолго ему запомниться.

Английские поздравления с днём рождения пользуются популярностью ещё и потому, что этот язык известен многим, и перевести слова не составит особого труда. Тот, кто учился в школе на «отлично» или просто в совершенстве знает английский, может написать текст самостоятельно.

Главное – выбрать известные слова и знакомые фразы, а не углубляться в лексические дебри, чтобы именинник смог разобрать написанное. Все остальные могут воспользоваться широко распространёнными готовыми вариантами из специальных изданий или сети Интернет. Частенько английские поздравления с днём рождения состоят из известных песен и стихов. Слова и фразы, которые там встречаются, отличаются простой лексикой и знакомы многим.

Its my birthday today

But I can t be happy and gay

Because my mind is astray

Whenever your away

Why aren t you here today?

Its a very special day

Are you that busy?

or you just wanted to hurt me?

I wanted to be with you

my heart yearns for you

What am I going to do?

I don t even have a clue

I have food and drinks for everybody

Lights and music to dance your booty

I have gifts from my peers

A hotel reception flowing with beer

I have everything for a celebrant

but how can I maintain this smiling front

If your not here by my side

In this birthday my heart has died

I wanted to see your smile

and for that I will rejoice

I will go the extra mile

Just to hear your voice

If I have one wish for today

I wish for you to be here by my side to stay

for me everything is nothing

It is you what my heart is wanting...

Happy birthday to me!

__1st name__ __last name__ has a birthday.

Hip, hip, hooray!

And on her cake, she has _#&35;_ candles.

What a happy day!

With a puff puff here

And a puff puff there,

Here a puff

There a puff

Everywhere a puff puff

__1st name__ __last name__ has a birthday.

Hip, hip, hooray!

Happy Birthday mom

You reached number forty-seven

In five years or more

You might go to heaven

Ok, I m kidding

I love you to death

You are the reason I am living

You are in my every breath

You take away my worries

And bring me some on the way

Ok, so you cause me drama

But you re here to stay

When I m alone

Or when I m in the dark

With you, I m home

On me, you leave a mark

When a guy finds me

He won t be here for long

Because with you around

You ll be sure he s wrong

So what I m trying to say, mom

Is I totally love you

I love the way you care so much

And everything you do

I guess I ll be nice

Just for today

Enjoy it now mom

Happy Birthday!!

A time of the door

Breath the air by yourself nose

Touch the air by yourself hand

Sound the air by yourself voice

A time of the door

Feel the happiness by yourself heart

Feel the sadness by yourself heart

Feel the tears by yourself eyes

Life Life harder

Live Live longer

Love Love bigger!

Happy Birthday from me to you

I also love you this true

Wishing you another year

Full of joy,happiness, and without many tears

This is your special day

And I just wanted to say

To someone who is special to me

In every way as you can see

Your life holds an extraordinary fate

Hope I didn t say it too late

And I know that it is you

Because deep down you know it to

If I had some more time

I would tell you more of whats on my mine

But seems I m out

This will be my last shout.

Happy Birthday Sis!

Your the kinda person they would call ONE IN A MILLION.

Your always there especially when I need you most.

You never let me down,

and I know you never will.

We have been through alot and always strong even at our weakest times you always had those comforting words to tell me to assure me it was going to be alright and now that I have you,


Happy Birthday Sis


Happy birthday

Theres so many way to express it

I want you to have the wonderful birthday

And by the way everything will be okay

I know you have suffer in your birthday

But don t worry I will always make you happy because you know I have so many ways

I will make sure you will be happy

And I will make you a cake instead of putting your name I will put FLUFFY

I just want to know that you have the best day

I want to make sure you have something to say

I will always cheer you up

So don t be unset and move on

I just on thing to say

Happy birthday Luis and have a nice day.


On your Birthday

Many Words To Say

Many feelings to show

Many pictures to draw

I need to be there by your side

So i can hear your heartbeats when your wishing

To feel your breath when your blowing

To let you taste how sweet the cake is giving

To take you aside and give you a kiss under the light

So i can see you smile after that

And say that you have never had sweeter than that

To take my hand and move around

Talk to people and laugh around

To dance alone when people are gone

To sleep in your arms and feel safe

So I ll Be There every year

TO Let You Have The Best Bday You ve Ever Seen


You will surely have,

all the attention in the world.

Old buddies will catch up,

Surprises will pop up,

packages will drop in,

Wishes will pour in.

Hope one more candle to your cake,

Adds one more feather in your cap.

To me,you are always special,

Not just today, but year long.

May be a hint more this day,

coz your birth, I rejoice too!

Before eleventh hour strikes,

Make three wishes to come true,

Now close your eyes and listen me sing,

happy, happy 23rd birthday to you!

Happy birthday baby

and I wish you many more

consecutively getting better

then the ones you ve had before.

I hope everything goes perfectly

and that the gifts are great

that the accumulation

is increasing at a very steady rate.

I hope the cake is delicious

Topped with all kinds of sweet

Right out of a fairy tale

mouth watering to eat.

Because today we celebrate

a very special day

one that s all for you

and I hope it goes your way!

Happy birthday!!

Today is your day,

you re on your way,

no longer a girl

and almost a young lady.

Today is the start

of a wonderous journey

of learning and growing

and beautiful discovery.

Growing up into the grown world,

never forget who you are

or where you come from,

your past will also be part of your future.

Today you are a teen,

Happy Birthday to You.

Unwanted happiness forced on you,

Like someone else s political opinion

You like the attention, But

Hate their uncaring congratulations.

I put myself in a different day.

I act like its not my birthday,

And then the pain fades.

Summer isn t the only thing breaking.

Emotions can make the toughest man weep

So I hide them away and bury them deep

The only birthday wish that I condone

Is to be happy, healthy and not alone


Etched on the life milestone as twenty three,

In the sky of opportunities,

Give wings to your dreams and set it free,

Gifted to don respectful roles,

As Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother,

Balance each act with passionate soul,

Time will tell who you are,

Prepare for you life,

If you aspire to travel far,

Hone your skills, set the right tone,

Take a confident stroll on the desired path,

Wish you every mile a special milestone.

One life one love..

You are the love of my life, its pretty simple to say

Your the one that I think of each and everyday.

I need you like a heart needs a beat needless to say, There isn t a doubt in my mind that my feelings won t stay.

One special day where it s all about you,

to celebrate the twenty years you ve made it through.

The Birthday Cow

Happy Mooday to you,

Happy Mooday to you.

Happy Mooday

Dear Yooday,

Happy Mooday to you!

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